Sen. Check-in Session Bills - 08/14/2019

Bills Returned: 288
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 AB-1009 Firearms: reports to the Department of Justice. Gabriel Vetoed
2 AB-1237 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: guidelines. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
3 SB-701 Firearms: prohibited persons. Jones Senate - Unfinished Business
8 SB-232 Hazardous substances: regulated metals: packaging materials. Dodd Senate - Unfinished Business
9 SB-245 Public animal shelters: adoptions: veterans. Chang Chaptered
10 SB-789 Local government: administration. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered
11 SB-141 Parole: sexually violent offenses: validated risk assessment. Bates Chaptered
12 SB-143 Junk dealers and recyclers: nonferrous material: payment by general use prepaid cards. Skinner Chaptered
13 SB-303 Guardians and conservators: compensation: residence of conservatee. Wieckowski Chaptered
14 SB-326 Common interest developments. Hill Chaptered
15 SB-527 Local government: Williamson Act: cultivation of cannabis and hemp. Caballero Chaptered
16 SB-557 Criminal proceedings: mental competence: expert reports. Jones Chaptered
17 SB-645 Civil discovery: depositions. Monning Chaptered
18 SB-671 Employment: payment of wages: print shoot employees. Hertzberg Chaptered
19 SCR-29 Postsecondary education: University of California: University Council-American Federation of Teachers. Leyva Chaptered
20 SCR-54 Gold Star families. Grove Chaptered
21 SR-48   Hueso Senate - Passed
22 SCR-59 Veterans of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Day. Umberg Senate - Inactive
23 SR-14   Chang Senate - Passed
24 SCR-57 50th anniversary of the Special Olympics. Hueso Chaptered
25 AB-484 Crimes: probation. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
26 AB-1577 Microenterprise development: local partnerships. Burke Senate - Inactive
27 AB-1129 Privacy. Chau Chaptered
28 AB-1063 Healthcare coverage: waivers. Petrie-Norris Senate - Inactive
29 ACR-1 Immigration: public charges. Bonta Chaptered
30 AB-1013 State agencies: grant applications. Obernolte Chaptered
31 AB-1215 Law enforcement: facial recognition and other biometric surveillance. Ting Chaptered
32 AB-496 Business and professions. Low Chaptered
33 AB-922 Reproductive health and research: oocyte procurement. Burke Chaptered
34 AB-1203 Rental passenger vehicle transactions. O'Donnell Senate - Inactive
35 AB-1814 Long-term care insurance. Committee on Insurance Senate - Inactive
36 AJR-11 Immigration: Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: Deferred Enforced Departure: Temporary Protected Status. Carrillo Chaptered
37 AB-1707 Polling places: handheld devices. Berman Chaptered
38 AB-1652 Crimes: littering. Wicks Senate - Inactive
39 AB-1110 Rent increases: noticing. Friedman Chaptered
40 AB-1477 Unfair Practices Act. Gloria Vetoed
41 AB-1353 Classified employees: probationary period. Wicks Chaptered
42 AB-465 Firearm relinquishment: persons under protective orders. Eggman Senate - Inactive
43 AB-600 Local government: organization: disadvantaged unincorporated communities. Chu Chaptered
44 AB-1208 Utility user taxes: exemption: clean energy resource. Ting Chaptered
45 AB-100 Drinking water. Committee on Budget Senate - Budget and Fiscal Review
46 AB-267 Employment of infants: entertainment industry. Chu Chaptered
47 AB-412 Escrow agents: asset requirements. Quirk-Silva Vetoed
48 AB-467 Competitions on state property: prize compensation: gender equity. Boerner Horvath Chaptered
49 AB-520 Public works: public subsidy. Kalra Vetoed
50 AB-547 Janitorial workers: sexual violence and harassment prevention training. Gonzalez Chaptered
51 AB-593 Unemployment insurance: use of information: public workforce development programs. Carrillo Chaptered
52 AB-630 Board of Behavioral Sciences: marriage and family therapists: clinical social workers: educational psychologists: professional clinical counselors: required notice: exemptions. Arambula Chaptered
53 AB-761 State armories: homeless shelters. Nazarian Chaptered
54 AB-778 Acupuncture: continuing education. Low Senate - Inactive
55 AB-809 Public postsecondary education: child development programs: priority enrollment: Title IX protection: pregnancy and parental status. Santiago Chaptered
56 AB-827 Solid waste: commercial and organic waste: recycling bins. McCarty Chaptered
57 AB-993 Health care coverage: HIV specialists. Nazarian Vetoed
58 AB-1414 Urban retail water suppliers: reporting. Friedman Chaptered
59 AB-1651 Licensed educational psychologists: supervision of associates and trainees. Medina Chaptered
60 AB-1748 California Family Rights Act: flight crews. Bonta Chaptered
61 AB-342 Public lands: leasing: oil and gas: prohibition. Muratsuchi Chaptered
62 AB-695 Community college facilities: design-build contracts. Medina Chaptered
63 AB-779 Acupuncture: place of practice: wall license. Low Chaptered
64 AB-1252 Environmental Justice Small Grant Program: advance payments. Robert Rivas Vetoed
65 AB-1504 Community colleges: student representation fee: statewide community college student organization: goals. Medina Chaptered
66 AB-587 Accessory dwelling units: sale or separate conveyance. Friedman Chaptered
67 AB-1730 Regional transportation plans: San Diego Association of Governments: housing. Gonzalez Chaptered
68 AB-896 Registered Dispensing Opticians: Dispensing Opticians Fund: Optometry Fund: extended optometric clinical facilities. Low Senate - Rules
69 AB-869 Surplus state property. Cunningham Vetoed
70 AB-525 Teacher credentialing. Luz Rivas Chaptered
71 AB-1650 Capitol Park. Cooley Senate - In Desk Process
72 AB-1515 Planning and zoning: community plans: review under the California Environmental Quality Act. Friedman Chaptered
73 AB-749 Settlement agreements: restraints in trade. Mark Stone Chaptered
74 AB-689 Municipal Utility District Act: nonstock security. McCarty Chaptered
75 AB-747 Planning and zoning: general plan: safety element. Levine Chaptered
76 AB-1723 Pharmacy: clinics: purchasing drugs at wholesale. Wood Chaptered
77 AB-34 Pupils: bullying and harassment prevention information. Ramos Chaptered
78 AB-1497 Hosting platforms. Holden Chaptered
79 AB-982 Pupils: homework assignments for suspended pupils. Holden Chaptered
80 AB-1595 Elementary and secondary education: omnibus bill. Committee on Education Chaptered
81 AB-1240 School accountability: local control and accountability plans: state priorities: pupil achievement. Weber Chaptered
82 AB-1188 Dwelling units: persons at risk of homelessness. Gabriel Chaptered
83 AB-945 Local government: financial affairs: surplus funds. McCarty Chaptered
84 AB-17 Elections: vote by mail ballots. Salas Chaptered
85 AB-178 Energy: building standards: photovoltaic requirements. Dahle Chaptered
86 AB-321 Sales and use taxes: exemptions: trucks for use in interstate or out-of-state commerce. Patterson Chaptered
87 AB-450 Bees: Apiary Protection Act. Arambula Chaptered
88 AB-488 California Broadband Council. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
89 AB-504 Voter registration: residency confirmation. Berman Chaptered
90 AB-645 Firearms: warning statements. Irwin Chaptered
91 AB-714 Opioid prescription drugs: prescribers. Wood Chaptered
92 AB-1073 Immigration enforcement activities. Blanca Rubio Senate - Inactive
93 AB-1104 California Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association. Calderon Chaptered
94 AB-1311 Neighborhood-restricted special on-sale general licenses: transfers. Ting Chaptered
95 AB-1768 Prevailing wage: public works. Carrillo Chaptered
96 AB-305 Public capital facilities: public water or wastewater agencies: rate reduction bonds. Nazarian Chaptered
97 AB-497 Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program. Santiago Chaptered
98 AB-754 Regional notification centers: GIS data: excavations. Grayson Chaptered
99 AB-829 California State University: Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program. Bloom Chaptered
100 AB-1164 Surplus state real property: disposal. Gloria Chaptered
101 AB-737 Residential care facilities for the elderly: licensing and regulation. Eggman Chaptered
102 AB-1124 Employment safety: outdoor workers: wildfire smoke. Maienschein Senate - Inactive
103 AB-220 Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign funds: childcare costs. Bonta Chaptered
104 AB-1513 Energy. Holden Chaptered
105 AB-1185 Officer oversight: sheriff oversight board. McCarty Senate - Inactive
106 AB-1297 Firearms: concealed carry license. McCarty Chaptered
107 AJR-15 Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program. Bloom Chaptered
108 ACR-89 Special Districts Week. Cooley Chaptered
109 ACR-91 Second Chances Month. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
110 AB-1396 Protective orders: elder and dependent adults. Obernolte Chaptered
111 AB-925 Protective orders: confidential information regarding minors. Gloria Chaptered
112 AB-596 Motor vehicle defects: service bulletins and consumer electronic authorization. Grayson Chaptered
113 AB-170 Worker status: employees and independent contractors. Gonzalez Chaptered
114 AB-418 Evidentiary privileges: union agent-represented worker privilege. Kalra Senate - Inactive
115 AB-624 Pupil and student health: identification cards: sexual assault hotline and reproductive health care telephone numbers. Gabriel Vetoed
116 AB-1303 School facilities: Civic Center Act: direct costs. O'Donnell Chaptered
117 AB-707 Santa Clara Valley Water District: contracts. Kalra Chaptered
118 AB-1743 Local government: properties eligible to claim or receiving a welfare exemption. Bloom Chaptered
119 AB-309 Vehicles that appear to be used by law enforcement: ownership or operation by public historical society or museum. Maienschein Chaptered
120 AB-1558 Apprenticeship programs: career fairs. Ramos Vetoed
121 AB-991 Maintenance of the codes. Gallagher Chaptered
122 AB-1638 Search warrants: vehicle recording devices. Obernolte Chaptered
123 AB-136 Personal Income Tax Law: deductions: charitable contributions: business expenses. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
124 AB-262 Local health officers: communicable diseases. Gloria Chaptered
125 AB-391 Leased and rented vehicles: embezzlement and theft. Voepel Chaptered
126 AB-485 Local government: economic development subsidies. Medina Chaptered
127 AB-548 Earthquake Brace and Bolt program. Rodriguez Chaptered
128 AB-560 Public utilities: unionization. Santiago Chaptered
129 AB-588 Animal shelters: disclosure: dog bites. Chen Chaptered
130 AB-653 State armories. Bloom Chaptered
131 AB-785 Parentage. Bloom Chaptered
132 AB-949 Unsafe used tires: installation. Medina Chaptered
133 AB-1123 Safe Drinking and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986: appeal: notice to the Attorney General. Reyes Chaptered
134 AB-1168 Emergency services: text to 911. Mullin Chaptered
135 AB-1199 State property: Fairview Developmental Center. Petrie-Norris Chaptered
136 AB-1223 Living organ donation. Arambula Chaptered
137 AB-1235 Youth homelessness prevention centers. Chu Chaptered
138 AB-1261 Controlled substances: narcotics registry. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
139 AB-1264 Medical Practice Act: dangerous drugs: appropriate prior examination. Petrie-Norris Chaptered
140 AB-1299 Petroleum refineries: air monitoring systems. Salas Senate - Inactive
141 AB-1383 Public postsecondary education: admission by exception. McCarty Chaptered
142 AB-1423 Transfers to juvenile court. Wicks Chaptered
143 AB-1475 Construction Manager/General Contractor method: transportation projects. Bauer-Kahan Chaptered
144 AB-1628 Environmental justice. Robert Rivas Chaptered
145 AB-1037 Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital: clinics: licensure and regulation: exemption. Gipson Chaptered
146 AB-774 Health facilities: reporting. Reyes Vetoed
147 AB-47 Driver records: points: distracted driving. Daly Chaptered
148 AB-458 Optometrists: home residence permit. Nazarian Chaptered
149 AB-1051 Community colleges: temporary faculty members: clinical nursing faculty. Smith Chaptered
150 AB-1614 Vehicles: license plate pilot program. Gipson Chaptered
151 AB-1125 Animal Control Officer Standards Act. Cooley Chaptered
152 AB-1529 Cannabis vaporizing cartridges: universal symbol. Low Chaptered
153 AB-775 Massage therapy. Chau Chaptered
154 AB-558 State Bar of California: service members: legal services. Petrie-Norris Chaptered
155 AB-1600 Discovery: personnel records: peace officers and custodial officers. Kalra Chaptered
156 AB-1100 Electric vehicles: parking requirements. Kamlager-Dove Chaptered
157 AB-1605 City and County of San Francisco: Crooked Street Reservation and Pricing Program. Ting Vetoed
158 AB-1278 Public postsecondary educational institutions: public services and programs: internet website notification. Gabriel Chaptered
159 AB-1466 Employee classification: professional classification: specified educational employees. Irwin Vetoed
160 AB-1319 Migrant education: pupil residency. Arambula Chaptered
161 AB-1290 Water projects: financial assistance and construction financing: Pure Water San Diego Program. Gloria Chaptered
162 AB-1665 The Parent’s Accountability and Child Protection Act. Chau Senate - Inactive
163 AB-746 Sherman Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Law: beer manufacturer licensees: exemption. Wood Chaptered
164 AB-1745 Shelter crisis: emergency bridge housing community: City of San Jose. Kalra Chaptered
165 AB-1826 Tribal gaming: local agencies. Committee on Governmental Organization Senate - Inactive
166 AB-1138 Social media: the Parent’s Accountability and Child Protection Act. Gallagher Assembly - Failed
167 AB-1399 Residential real property: rent control: withdrawal of accommodations. Bloom Chaptered
168 AB-1246 Health care coverage: basic health care services. Limón Senate - Appropriations
169 AB-570 Local Government Investment Act. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Inactive
170 AB-1752 South Coast Water District. Petrie-Norris Chaptered
171 AB-1790 Marketplaces: marketplace sellers. Wicks Chaptered
172 AB-723 Transactions and use taxes: County of Alameda: Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District. Quirk Chaptered
173 AB-1699 Telecommunications: mobile internet service providers: first response agencies: emergencies. Levine Chaptered
174 AB-730 Elections: deceptive audio or visual media. Berman Chaptered
175 AB-1083 Long-term plans and procurement plans: energy and energy infrastructure procurement requirements: California Council on Science and Technology. Burke Chaptered
176 AB-1413 Transportation: transactions and use taxes. Gloria Chaptered
177 AB-25 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. Chau Chaptered
178 AB-49 California Voter Protection Act of 2019. Cervantes Chaptered
179 AB-128 Equines: protection. Gloria Chaptered
180 AB-168 Housing: streamlined approvals. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Inactive
181 AB-179 New Motor Vehicle Board. Reyes Chaptered
182 AB-241 Implicit bias: continuing education: requirements. Kamlager-Dove Chaptered
183 AB-242 Courts: attorneys: implicit bias: training. Kamlager-Dove Chaptered
184 AB-263 Taxation: tax expenditures: information. Burke Chaptered
185 AB-292 Recycled water: raw water and groundwater augmentation. Quirk Senate - Inactive
186 AB-414 Health care coverage: minimum essential coverage. Bonta Chaptered
187 AB-433 Probation: notice to victim. Ramos Chaptered
188 AB-451 Health care facilities: treatment of psychiatric emergency medical conditions. Arambula Senate - Inactive
189 AB-454 Migratory birds: California Migratory Bird Protection Act. Kalra Chaptered
190 AB-506 Long-term health facilities. Kalra Vetoed
191 AB-551 Fatal vehicular accidents: chemical test results. Brough Vetoed
192 AB-577 Health care coverage: maternal mental health. Eggman Chaptered
193 AB-589 Employment: unfair immigration-related practices. Gonzalez Vetoed
194 AB-620 Coroner: sudden unexplained death in childhood. Cooley Chaptered
195 AB-635 Horse racing: state-designated fairs: employees. Bigelow Chaptered
196 AB-697 Postsecondary education: reports: preferential treatment: students related to donors or alumni. Ting Chaptered
197 AB-703 Public postsecondary education: fee waivers for exonerated persons. Weber Chaptered
198 AB-740 Property insurance: fire hazard severity zones. Burke Senate - Inactive
199 AB-800 Civil actions: confidentiality. Chu Chaptered
200 AB-825 San Mateo County Flood and Sea Level Rise Resiliency District. Mullin Chaptered
201 AB-833 Parking penalties. Lackey Chaptered
202 AB-840 Alcoholic beverages: licenses: imports. Dahle Chaptered
203 AB-846 Customer loyalty programs. Burke Senate - Inactive
204 AB-858 Cannabis: cultivation. Levine Chaptered
205 AB-864 Political Reform Act of 1974: disclosures. Mullin Chaptered
206 AB-872 Property taxation: change in ownership: parent to child transfer: stock. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
207 AB-929 California Health Benefit Exchange: data collection. Luz Rivas Chaptered
208 AB-970 California Department of Aging: grants: transportation. Salas Vetoed
209 AB-1065 Insurance transactions: notice: electronic transmission. Berman Chaptered
210 AB-1072 Public Utilities Commission: audits and reviews. Patterson Chaptered
211 AB-1099 Insurance: California Organized Investment Network. Calderon Chaptered
212 AB-1146 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: exemptions: vehicle information. Berman Chaptered
213 AB-1150 Community college districts: governing board elections: San Diego Community College District: Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District. Gloria Chaptered
214 AB-1195 California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: Low-Carbon Fuel Standard regulations. O'Donnell Vetoed
215 AB-1197 California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: City of Los Angeles: supportive housing and emergency shelters. Santiago Chaptered
216 AB-1209 Long-term care benefits. Nazarian Chaptered
217 AB-1301 Child welfare: adoption. Cooley Chaptered
218 AB-1393 Pupil instruction: model curriculum: Laotian history and cultural studies. Weber Vetoed
219 AB-1454 Trauma-informed diversion programs for youth. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
220 AB-1514 Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program. Patterson Chaptered
221 AB-1561 Endangered wildlife: crocodiles and alligators. Blanca Rubio Senate - Rules
222 AB-1564 Consumer privacy: consumer request for disclosure methods. Berman Chaptered
223 AB-1607 Gender discrimination: notification. Boerner Horvath Chaptered
224 AB-1618 Plea bargaining: benefits of later enactments. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
225 AB-1659 Local home financing agencies: City of Los Angeles: nonprofit public benefit corporation. Bloom Senate - Inactive
226 AB-1666 The California Complete Count: local educational agencies. Reyes Chaptered
227 AB-1709 Nursing homes: staff. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Inactive
228 AB-1774 Student financial aid: Student Aid Commission: extension of application deadlines. Bonta Chaptered
229 ACR-78 Public utilities: Pacific Gas and Electric Company: bankruptcy. Holden Chaptered
230 AB-419 Food and agriculture. Committee on Agriculture Chaptered
231 AB-657 Agriculture: commercial feed. Eggman Chaptered
232 AB-984 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Suicide Prevention Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Lackey Chaptered
233 AB-1309 Health care coverage: enrollment periods. Bauer-Kahan Chaptered
234 AB-1357 Department of Toxic Substances Control: public meetings. Quirk Senate - Inactive
235 AB-1472 California Dungeness Crab Commission. Mark Stone Senate - Inactive
236 AB-1801 Cattle: inspections. Committee on Agriculture Chaptered
237 AB-1294 Criminal profiteering. Salas Chaptered
238 AB-413 Education: at-promise youth. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
239 AB-956 Telecommunications: automatic dialing-announcing devices: emergency alert notifications. Diep Chaptered
240 AB-1017 New or modified railroad crossings: approval. Boerner Horvath Chaptered
241 SCR-62 Wildlife Crossing at Liberty Canyon. Stern Assembly - Transportation
242 AB-58 Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council. Luz Rivas Chaptered
243 AB-176 California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority: sales and use taxes: exclusions. Cervantes Chaptered
244 AB-256 Wildlife: California Winter Rice Habitat Incentive Program. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
245 AB-332 Peace officers: training. Lackey Chaptered
246 AB-609 Beer manufacturers: sale of draught beer. Levine Senate - Inactive
247 AB-640 Sex crimes: investigation and prosecution. Frazier Chaptered
248 AB-647 Hazardous substances: cosmetics: disinfectants: safety documents. Kalra Chaptered
249 AB-678 Medi-Cal: podiatric services. Flora Chaptered
250 AB-686 Indian children. Waldron Chaptered
251 AB-709 School districts: governing boards: pupil members. Bonta Chaptered
252 AB-728 Homeless multidisciplinary personnel teams. Santiago Chaptered
253 AB-874 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. Irwin Chaptered
254 AB-880 Transportation network companies: participating drivers: criminal background checks. Obernolte Chaptered
255 AB-899 Clinic licensing. Wood Vetoed
256 AB-957 Housing Omnibus. Committee on Housing and Community Development Chaptered
257 AB-1018 Real estate appraisers. Frazier Chaptered
258 AB-1061 Foster care. Gipson Chaptered
259 AB-1251 Planning and zoning: housing development. Santiago Senate - Rules
260 AB-1355 Personal information. Chau Chaptered
261 AB-1473 Horse racing: takeouts: disclosure to patrons. Gray Senate - Inactive
262 AB-1588 Drinking water and wastewater operator certification programs. Gloria Chaptered
263 AB-1633 Regional transportation plans: traffic signal optimization plans. Grayson Chaptered
264 AB-1800 Fairs: state funding: classification. Committee on Agriculture Chaptered
265 AB-1813 Insurance. Committee on Insurance Chaptered
266 AB-1818 State government. Committee on Judiciary Chaptered
267 AB-1825 Alcoholic beverage control. Committee on Governmental Organization Chaptered
268 AB-1827 California Gambling Control Commission. Committee on Governmental Organization Senate - Inactive
269 AB-1518 Student athletes: contracts. Chu Chaptered
270 AB-379 Youth athletics: concussion and sudden cardiac arrest prevention protocols. Maienschein Chaptered
A- 1 SCR-18 Pain Awareness Month and Women In Pain Awareness Day. Jackson Senate - Inactive
A- 2 SCA-3 Property taxation: change in ownership: inheritance exclusion. Hill Senate - Inactive
A- 3 SCA-5 Taxation: school districts: parcel tax. Hill Senate - Inactive
A- 4 SB-434 Common interest developments: managing agent: production of client property and client records upon termination of management agreement. Archuleta Senate - Inactive
A- 5 SB-38 Flavored tobacco products. Hill Senate - Inactive
A- 6 SB-175 Health care coverage: minimum essential coverage. Pan Senate - Inactive
A- 7 SB-756 Charter schools: moratorium. Durazo Senate - Inactive
A- 8 SB-772 Long duration bulk energy storage: procurement. Bradford Senate - Inactive
A- 9 SB-135 Paid family leave. Jackson Senate - Inactive
A- 10 AB-946 Political Reform Act of 1974. Committee on Elections and Redistricting Chaptered
A- 11 AB-1829 Elections. Committee on Elections and Redistricting Chaptered
A- 12 AB-1824 California Environmental Quality Act: exemption for closure of railroad grade crossing. Committee on Natural Resources Chaptered
A- 13 AB-1828 California Horse Racing Board: public records: votes. Committee on Governmental Organization Senate - Inactive
A- 14 AB-913 Income taxes: credits: motion pictures. Calderon Senate - Rules
A- 15 AB-457 Occupational safety and health: lead: permissible exposure levels. Quirk Senate - Inactive
A- 16 AB-1082 Gambling: Gambling Control Act. Low Senate - Inactive
A- 17 AB-1823 Fire protection: local fire planning. Committee on Natural Resources Chaptered
A- 18 AB-1234 Standardized tests. Patterson Chaptered
A- 19 AB-605 Special education: assistive technology devices. Maienschein Chaptered
A- 20 AB-1820 Personal rights: civil liability and enforcement. Committee on Judiciary Chaptered
A- 21 AB-1079 Telecommunications: privacy protections. Santiago Chaptered
A- 22 AB-299 Vote by mail ballot tracking. Salas Chaptered