Asm Appropriations Bills - 08/14/2019

Bills Returned: 187
Measure Subject Author Status
ACA-4 Elections: voting age. Mullin Assembly - Third Reading
ACA-8 Elections: voter qualifications. Low Assembly - Third Reading
ACR-28 Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month. Gipson Assembly - Third Reading
ACR-87 Upholding democracy through civic education in public schools. Quirk-Silva Assembly - Third Reading
ACR-98 Mental health and substance use treatment. Wicks Assembly - Third Reading
ACR-102 Mass timber products. Bigelow Senate - Rules
ACR-105 Prescription drug prices. Chiu Senate - Rules
SB-6 Residential development: available land. Beall Assembly - Appropriations
SB-7 State Highway Route 710: surplus residential and nonresidential property. Portantino Assembly - Appropriations
SB-10 Mental health services: peer support specialist certification. Beall Assembly - Appropriations
SB-20 Surplus state property: Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District. Dodd Assembly - Third Reading
SB-21 Alcoholic beverages: brewpub-restaurant licenses. Dodd Assembly - Third Reading
SB-23 Unlawful entry of a vehicle. Wiener Assembly - Appropriations
SB-24 Public health: public university student health centers: abortion by medication techniques. Leyva Assembly - Appropriations
SB-29 Medi-Cal: eligibility. Durazo Assembly - Appropriations
SB-34 Cannabis: donations. Wiener Assembly - Appropriations
SB-39 Tobacco products. Hill Assembly - Third Reading
SB-40 Conservatorship: serious mental illness and substance use disorders. Wiener Assembly - Appropriations
SB-42 The Getting Home Safe Act. Skinner Assembly - Appropriations
SB-44 Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles: comprehensive strategy. Skinner Assembly - Appropriations
SB-47 Initiative, referendum, and recall petitions: disclosures. Allen Assembly - Third Reading
SB-51 Financial institutions: cannabis. Hertzberg Assembly - Appropriations
SB-53 Open meetings. Wilk Assembly - Appropriations
SB-58 Alcoholic beverages: hours of sale. Wiener Assembly - Appropriations
SB-59 California Transportation Commission: advisory committee: autonomous vehicle technology. Allen Assembly - Appropriations
SB-63 Personal Income Tax Law: exclusion: student loan debt forgiveness. Hertzberg Assembly - Appropriations
SB-64 Dogs and cats: microchip implants. Chang Assembly - Third Reading
SB-65 Health care coverage: financial assistance. Pan Assembly - Appropriations
SB-66 Medi-Cal: federally qualified health center and rural health clinic services. Atkins Assembly - Appropriations
SB-70 Electricity: undergrounding of electrical infrastructure. Nielsen Assembly - Third Reading
SB-128 Public contracts: Best Value Construction Contracting for Counties Pilot Program. Beall Assembly - Third Reading
SB-134 Water conservation: water losses: enforcement. Hertzberg Senate - Passed
SB-136 Sentencing. Wiener Assembly - Appropriations
SB-137 Federal transportation funds: state exchange programs. Dodd Assembly - Appropriations
SB-142 Employees: lactation accommodation. Wiener Assembly - Appropriations
SB-145 Sex offenders: registration. Wiener Assembly - Appropriations
SB-151 Elections. Umberg Assembly - Third Reading
SB-156 Health facilities: emergency medical services. Nielsen Assembly - Third Reading
SB-160 Emergency services: cultural competence. Jackson Assembly - Appropriations
SB-165 Medical interpretation services. Atkins Assembly - Third Reading
SB-171 Employers: annual report: pay data. Jackson Assembly - Appropriations
SB-172 Firearms. Portantino Assembly - Appropriations
SB-176 State Bar of California. Jackson Assembly - Appropriations
SB-179 Excluded employees: arbitration. Nielsen Assembly - Appropriations
SB-184 Judges’ Retirement System II: deferred retirement. Moorlach Assembly - Appropriations
SB-185 Cannabis: marketing. McGuire Assembly - Third Reading
SB-189 Fort Ord Reuse Authority: member agencies: land use and zoning: dissolution. Monning Assembly - Appropriations
SB-193 Nitrous oxide: retail sales. Nielsen Assembly - Appropriations
SB-196 Property taxes: community land trust. Beall Assembly - Appropriations
SB-197 Department of Transportation: retention proceeds. Beall Assembly - Third Reading
SB-199 Public Utilities Commission: Office of the Safety Advocate. Hill Assembly - Appropriations
SB-202 Animal blood donors. Wilk Assembly - Appropriations
SB-206 Collegiate athletics: student athlete compensation and representation. Skinner Assembly - Appropriations
SB-212 Elections: local voting methods. Allen Assembly - Third Reading
SB-216 Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program: used heavy-duty truck exchange. Galgiani Assembly - Appropriations
SB-218 Employment: discrimination enforcement: local government. Bradford Assembly - Appropriations
SB-219 Foster youth: enrichment activities. Wilk Assembly - Appropriations
SB-222 Discrimination: veteran or military status. Hill Assembly - Third Reading
SB-226 Watershed restoration: wildfires: grant program. Nielsen Assembly - Appropriations
SB-234 Family daycare homes. Skinner Senate - Unfinished Business
SB-235 Planning and zoning: housing production report: regional housing need allocation. Dodd Assembly - Third Reading
SB-237 California Laureate of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM): establishment of new position. Hertzberg Assembly - Appropriations
SB-239 Criminal procedure: limitations of actions. Chang Assembly - Appropriations
SB-240 Insurance Adjuster Act. Dodd Assembly - Third Reading
SB-248 Taxation: renters’ credit. Glazer Assembly - Appropriations
SB-249 Land use: Subdivision Map Act: expiration dates. Nielsen Assembly - Third Reading
SB-255 Women, minority, disabled veteran, and LGBT business enterprise procurement: electric service providers: energy storage system companies: community choice aggregators. Bradford Assembly - Appropriations
SB-260 Automatic health care coverage enrollment. Hurtado Assembly - Appropriations
SB-264 Wine growers: tasting rooms. Glazer Assembly - Appropriations
SB-265 Pupil meals: Child Hunger Prevention and Fair Treatment Act of 2017. Hertzberg Assembly - Appropriations
SB-267 Driver’s licenses: United States Foreign Service. Wieckowski Assembly - Third Reading
SB-269 Wrongful convictions. Bradford Assembly - Appropriations
SB-273 Domestic violence. Rubio Assembly - Appropriations
SB-277 Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program: Local Partnership Program. Beall Assembly - Appropriations
SB-282 Supportive housing for parolees. Beall Assembly - Appropriations
SB-286 Gambling. Committee on Governmental Organization Assembly - Inactive
SB-289 Medi-Cal: home- and community-based services: military. Archuleta Assembly - Appropriations
SB-290 Natural disasters: insurance and related alternative risk transfer products: Special Fund for Economic Uncertainties. Dodd Assembly - Appropriations
SB-294 Property taxation: welfare exemption: low income housing. Hill Assembly - Appropriations
SB-298 Poverty reduction. Caballero Assembly - Appropriations
SB-306 Mortgages and deeds of trust: trustee substitutions. Morrell Assembly - Third Reading
SB-309 Personal income tax: California Senior Citizen Advocacy Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Rubio Senate - Passed
SB-328 Pupil attendance: school start time. Portantino Assembly - Appropriations
SB-333 Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council. Wilk Assembly - Appropriations
SB-337 Child support. Skinner Assembly - Appropriations
SB-343 Health care data disclosure. Pan Assembly - Third Reading
SB-344 Local Prepaid Mobile Telephony Services Collection Act. McGuire Assembly - Appropriations
SB-349 Minimum franchise tax. Portantino Assembly - Appropriations
SB-352 Alcoholic beverage licensees: on-sale general licenses for bona fide eating places. Dodd Assembly - Appropriations
SB-358 Transportation. Committee on Transportation Assembly - Third Reading
SB-359 Elections: referendum. Moorlach Assembly - Third Reading
SB-363 Workplace safety. Pan Assembly - Appropriations
SB-375 Victims of crime: application for compensation. Durazo Assembly - Appropriations
SB-376 Firearms: transfers. Portantino Assembly - Appropriations
SB-377 Juveniles: psychotropic medications: medical information. McGuire Assembly - Third Reading
SB-382 Medi-Cal: managed care health plan. Nielsen Assembly - Appropriations
SB-385 Private Investigator Act. Jones Assembly - Third Reading
SB-387 Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency: board of directors. Wilk Assembly - Third Reading
SB-397 Public transit operators: passengers with pets: evacuation orders. Glazer Assembly - Third Reading
SB-400 Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions: mobility options. Umberg Assembly - Third Reading
SB-402 Vehicles: off-highway vehicle recreation: County of Inyo. Borgeas Senate - Passed
SB-413 San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority. Rubio Assembly - Third Reading
SB-422 Income taxes: credits: qualified employees. Hueso Assembly - Appropriations
SB-428 Pupil health: school employee training: youth mental and behavioral health. Pan Assembly - Appropriations
SB-450 California Environmental Quality Act exemption: supportive and transitional housing: motel conversion. Umberg Assembly - Appropriations
SB-451 Personal income and corporation taxes: credits: rehabilitation of certified historic structures. Atkins Assembly - Appropriations
SB-452 Ken Maddy California Cancer Registry. Jones Assembly - Appropriations
SB-459 Crimes: rape: great bodily injury. Galgiani Assembly - Appropriations
SB-462 Community colleges: Urban and Rural Forest and Woodlands Restoration and Fire Resiliency Workforce Program. Stern Assembly - Appropriations
SB-463 Natural gas storage wells: well stimulation treatments: chemical composition: leaks: regulation. Stern Assembly - Appropriations
SB-464 California Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act. Mitchell Assembly - Appropriations
SB-465 San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station: emergency planning funding. Bates Assembly - Appropriations
SB-470 Electronic benefits transfer system. Skinner Assembly - Appropriations
SB-481 State military: inspector general. Umberg Assembly - Third Reading
SB-484 Public postsecondary education: community college transfer students. Portantino Assembly - Appropriations
SB-485 Driving privilege: suspension or delay. Beall Assembly - Third Reading
SB-487 Department of Water Resources: aerial snow survey. Caballero Assembly - Appropriations
SB-490 CalFresh: benefit overissuance. Hurtado Assembly - Appropriations
SB-503 Medi-Cal: managed care plan: subcontracts. Pan Assembly - Appropriations
SB-504 State highways: Route 1: relinquishment. Monning Assembly - Appropriations
SB-513 State Water Resources Control Board: grants: interim relief: private water wells. Hurtado Assembly - Appropriations
SB-519 Hazardous substances: underground storage tanks. Bradford Assembly - Appropriations
SB-521 Income and corporation taxes: credits: leased or rented property: persons receiving Section 8 assistance. Portantino Assembly - Appropriations
SB-530 Construction industry: discrimination and harassment prevention policy. Galgiani Assembly - Appropriations
SB-532 Redevelopment: City of Glendale: bond proceeds: affordable housing. Portantino Assembly - Appropriations
SB-534 Insurers: minority, women, LGBT, veteran, and disabled veteran business enterprises. Bradford Assembly - Third Reading
SB-535 Greenhouse gases: wildfires and forest fires: air emissions. Moorlach Assembly - Appropriations
SB-541 School safety: lockdown drills and multioption response drills. Bates Assembly - Appropriations
SB-543 Pedicabs. Pan Assembly - Third Reading
SB-548 Electricity: transmission facilities: inspection. Hill Assembly - Third Reading
SB-554 Public schools: adult school students: Advanced Scholastic and Vocational Training Program. Roth Assembly - Appropriations
SB-555 Jails and juvenile facilities: communications, information, and commissary services: contracts. Mitchell Assembly - Appropriations
SB-559 California Water Commission: grant: Friant-Kern Canal. Hurtado Assembly - Appropriations
SB-569 Controlled substances: prescriptions: declared local, state, or federal emergency. Stone Assembly - Third Reading
SB-574 Cosmetic Fragrance and Flavor Ingredient Right to Know Act of 2019. Leyva Assembly - Appropriations
SB-577 California Department of Tax and Fee Administration: State Board of Equalization: administrative and personnel services. Hueso Assembly - Third Reading
SB-582 Youth mental health and substance use disorder services. Beall Assembly - Appropriations
SB-583 Clinical trials. Jackson Assembly - Appropriations
SB-591 Incarcerated persons: health records. Galgiani Assembly - Third Reading
SB-595 Cannabis: local equity programs: state fee waivers. Bradford Assembly - Appropriations
SB-598 Open Financial Statements Act. Moorlach Assembly - Third Reading
SB-600 Health care coverage: fertility preservation. Portantino Assembly - Appropriations
SB-608 Architects and landscape architects. Glazer Assembly - Appropriations
SB-610 Contractors: licensing and regulation. Glazer Assembly - Appropriations
SB-611 Housing: elderly and individuals with disabilities. Caballero Assembly - Appropriations
SB-613 State agency greenhouse gas emission reduction report cards. Stern Assembly - Appropriations
SB-623 Multifamily Housing Program: total assistance calculation. Jackson Assembly - Third Reading
SB-626 Taxation: minimum franchise tax and annual tax exemption: Armed Forces. Stern Assembly - Appropriations
SB-632 California Environmental Quality Act: State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection: vegetation treatment program: final program environmental impact report. Galgiani Assembly - Third Reading
SB-633 Santa Susana Field Laboratory: monitoring program. Stern Assembly - Appropriations
SB-637 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Prevention of Animal Homelessness and Cruelty Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. McGuire Assembly - Third Reading
SB-638 Leases: electric vehicle charging stations: insurance coverage. Allen Assembly - Third Reading
SB-650 Cancer Medication Advisory Committee. Rubio Assembly - Appropriations
SB-651 Discovery: postconviction. Glazer Assembly - Appropriations
SB-657 Cannabis cultivation: county agricultural commissioners: reporting. Monning Senate - Unfinished Business
SB-660 Postsecondary education: mental health counselors. Pan Assembly - Appropriations
SB-663 Property taxation: exemptions: veterans’ organizations. Jones Assembly - Appropriations
SB-668 Fire hydrants: water suppliers: regulations. Rubio Assembly - Appropriations
SB-672 Planning and zoning: regional housing need allocation: City of Brisbane. Hill Assembly - Appropriations
SB-677 Retail food safety: nonlatex gloves. Allen Assembly - Third Reading
SB-679 Healing arts: therapists and counselors: licensing. Bates Assembly - Third Reading
SB-683 Developmental services: regional centers. Grove Assembly - Appropriations
SB-687 Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council. Rubio Assembly - Third Reading
SB-688 Failure to pay wages: penalties. Monning Assembly - Third Reading
SB-695 Special education: individualized education programs: translation services. Portantino Assembly - Appropriations
SB-696 Elections: political parties. Umberg Assembly - Appropriations
SB-697 Physician assistants: practice agreement: supervision. Caballero Assembly - Appropriations
SB-698 Employee wages: payment. Leyva Assembly - Appropriations
SB-699 San Francisco Bay Area regional water system. Hill Senate - Passed
SB-706 Public health: pulmonary hypertension task force. Galgiani Assembly - Appropriations
SB-716 Juveniles: delinquency: postsecondary academic and career technical education. Mitchell Assembly - Appropriations
SB-717 Advertising: Jones Assembly - Third Reading
SB-730 Commission on Tech Equity. Stern Assembly - Appropriations
SB-740 Insurance: unclaimed life insurance. Mitchell Assembly - Third Reading
SB-744 Planning and zoning: California Environmental Quality Act: permanent supportive housing. Caballero Assembly - Third Reading
SB-763 Personal income tax: gross income exclusion: discharge of qualified principal residence indebtedness: federal disaster areas. Galgiani Assembly - Appropriations
SB-767 Off-highway vehicular recreation: Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area: Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area. Glazer Assembly - Appropriations
SB-775 Corporation taxes: exempt organizations: mutual ditch or irrigation companies: public water system: mutual water companies. Rubio Assembly - Appropriations
SB-779 Water. Committee on Natural Resources and Water Assembly - Third Reading
SB-782 Public employees’ and judges’ retirement: administration. Committee on Labor, Public Employment and Retirement Assembly - Third Reading
SB-786 Healing arts. Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development Assembly - Third Reading
SB-788 Alcoholic beverages: appeals: decision: tied-house restrictions. Committee on Governmental Organization Assembly - Third Reading
SB-790 Income taxes: partnerships: audit adjustments: elections. Committee on Governance and Finance Assembly - Third Reading
SB-791 Property taxation: valuation: certificated aircraft. Committee on Governance and Finance Assembly - Appropriations
SCR-21 Costa Mesa Fire Captain Michael Kreza Memorial Highway. Bates Assembly - Third Reading
SCR-31 The Willie L. Brown, Jr. Circle and Plaza. Bradford Assembly - Third Reading
SCR-32 United States Forest Service Firefighter Brent Michael Witham Memorial Highway. Morrell Senate - Unfinished Business