Sen Health Bills - 06/13/2018

Bills Returned: 17
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-1766 Swimming pools: public safety. Maienschein Senate - Third Reading
AB-1787 Reporting: Valley Fever. Salas Enrolled
AB-1788 Public health: Valley Fever. Salas Enrolled
AB-1790 Valley Fever Education, Early Diagnosis, and Treatment Act. Salas Senate - Second Reading
AB-2088 Patient records: addenda. Santiago Assembly - Passed
AB-2099 Mental health: detention and evaluation. Gloria Assembly - Passed
AB-2118 Medi-Cal: emergency medical transportation services. Cooley Senate - Appropriations
AB-2316 Mental health: county patients’ rights advocates: training materials. Eggman Enrolled
AB-2428 Federally qualified health centers: rural health clinics. Gonzalez Fletcher Senate - Third Reading
AB-2430 Medi-Cal: program for aged and disabled persons. Arambula Senate - Appropriations
AB-2499 Health care coverage: medical loss ratios. Arambula Senate - Third Reading
AB-2539 California Physician Corps Program: practice setting. Mathis Senate - Appropriations
AB-2718 Medi-Cal: CalWORKs: eligibility. Friedman Senate - Appropriations
AB-2750 Certified copies of death records. Obernolte Chaptered
AB-2863 Health care coverage: prescriptions. Nazarian Senate - Third Reading
AB-2941 Health care coverage: state of emergency. Berman Enrolled
AB-3162 Alcoholism or drug abuse treatment facilities. Friedman Senate - Third Reading