Assembly Floor Session Bills - 09/12/2019

Bills Returned: 138
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 SB-54 Solid waste: packaging and products. Allen Assembly - Third Reading
2 AB-1487 San Francisco Bay area: housing development: financing. Chiu Assembly - Passed
3 AB-253 Remote court reporting. Mark Stone Assembly - Passed
4 AB-1820 Personal rights: civil liability and enforcement. Committee on Judiciary Assembly - Passed
5 AB-414 Health care coverage: minimum essential coverage. Bonta Assembly - Passed
6 AB-715 Richard Paul Hemann Parkinson’s Disease Program. Nazarian Assembly - Passed
7 AB-1454 Trauma-informed diversion programs for youth. Jones-Sawyer Assembly - Passed
8 AB-1618 Plea bargaining: benefits of later enactments. Jones-Sawyer Assembly - Passed
9 AB-1191 State Lands Commission: exchange of trust lands: City of Oakland: Howard Terminal property: Oakland Waterfront Sports and Mixed-Use Project, Waterfront Access, Environmental Justice, and Revitalization Act. Bonta Assembly - Passed
10 AB-759 Traffic safety: work zones: positive protection measures. Bigelow Assembly - Passed
11 AB-833 Parking penalties. Lackey Assembly - Passed
12 AB-1816 Insurance. Daly Assembly - Passed
13 AB-1303 School facilities: Civic Center Act: direct costs. O'Donnell Assembly - Passed
14 AB-23 Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development: Business Workforce Coordination Unit. Burke Assembly - Passed
15 AB-116 Local government. Ting Assembly - Passed
16 AB-201 Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign disclosure: text messages. Cervantes Assembly - Passed
17 AB-283 CalWORKs: school attendance: immunizations. Chu Assembly - Passed
18 AB-314 Public employment: labor relations: release time. Bonta Assembly - Passed
19 AB-658 Water rights: water management. Arambula Assembly - Passed
20 AB-1507 Charter schools: location: resource center. Smith Assembly - Passed
21 AB-1519 Healing arts. Low Assembly - Passed
22 AB-1810 Transportation: omnibus bill. Committee on Transportation Assembly - Passed
23 AB-38 Fire safety: low-cost retrofits: regional capacity review: wildfire mitigation. Wood Assembly - Passed
24 AB-130 Postsecondary education: Higher Education Performance, Accountability, and Coordination Commission. Low Assembly - Passed
25 AB-623 Elections: printing requirements and ballot design. Berman Assembly - Passed
26 AB-723 Transactions and use taxes: County of Alameda: Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District. Quirk Assembly - Passed
27 AB-864 Political Reform Act of 1974: disclosures. Mullin Assembly - Passed
28 AB-874 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. Irwin Assembly - Passed
29 AB-922 Reproductive health and research: oocyte procurement. Burke Assembly - Passed
30 AB-936 Oil spills: response and contingency planning. Robert Rivas Assembly - Passed
31 AB-1083 Long-term plans and procurement plans: energy and energy infrastructure procurement requirements: California Council on Science and Technology. Burke Assembly - Passed
32 AB-1118 Land use: livability issues for older adults. Blanca Rubio Assembly - Passed
33 AB-1181 Charitable organizations. Limón Assembly - Passed
34 AB-1219 Teacher credentialing: certificated employee assignment monitoring. Jones-Sawyer Assembly - Passed
35 AB-1322 School-based health programs. Berman Assembly - Passed
36 AB-1346 Postsecondary education: California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009: Student Tuition Recovery Fund. Medina Assembly - Passed
37 AB-1400 Employment safety: firefighting equipment: mechanics. Kamlager-Dove Assembly - Passed
38 AB-1413 Transportation: transactions and use taxes. Gloria Assembly - Passed
39 AB-1483 Housing data: collection and reporting. Grayson Assembly - Passed
40 AB-1486 Surplus land. Ting Assembly - Passed
41 AB-1513 Energy. Holden Assembly - Passed
42 AB-1520 Court Reporters Board of California. Low Assembly - Passed
43 AB-1666 The California Complete Count: local educational agencies. Reyes Assembly - Passed
44 AB-1668 California Conservation Corps: Education and Employment Reentry Program. Carrillo Assembly - Passed
45 AB-1718 State parks: state beaches: smoking ban. Levine Assembly - Passed
46 AB-1743 Local government: properties eligible to claim or receiving a welfare exemption. Bloom Assembly - Passed
47 AB-1790 Marketplaces: marketplace sellers. Wicks Assembly - Passed
48 AB-173 Mobilehomes: payments: nonpayment or late payments. Chau Assembly - Passed
49 AB-242 Courts: attorneys: implicit bias: training. Kamlager-Dove Assembly - Passed
50 AB-411 Redevelopment: City of Santa Cruz: bond proceeds: affordable housing. Mark Stone Assembly - Passed
51 AB-423 San Diego County Air Pollution Control District: members and duties. Gloria Assembly - Passed
52 AB-506 Long-term health facilities. Kalra Assembly - Passed
53 AB-538 Sexual assault: medical evidentiary examinations and reporting. Berman Assembly - Passed
54 AB-545 Cannabis: Bureau of Cannabis Control. Low Assembly - In Floor Process
55 AB-547 Janitorial workers: sexual violence and harassment prevention training. Gonzalez Assembly - Passed
56 AB-600 Local government: organization: disadvantaged unincorporated communities. Chu Assembly - Passed
57 AB-824 Business: preserving access to affordable drugs. Wood Assembly - Passed
58 AB-857 Public banks. Chiu Assembly - Passed
59 AB-919 Alcoholism and drug abuse recovery or treatment programs. Petrie-Norris Assembly - Passed
60 AB-1010 Housing programs: eligible entities. Eduardo Garcia Assembly - Passed
61 AB-1146 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: exemptions: vehicle information. Berman Assembly - Passed
62 AB-1215 Law enforcement: facial recognition and other biometric surveillance. Ting Assembly - Passed
63 AB-1320 Public employee retirement systems: prohibited investments: Turkey. Nazarian Assembly - Passed
64 AB-1328 Oil and gas: notice of intention to abandon well: study of fugitive emissions from idle, idle-deserted, and abandoned wells. Holden Assembly - Passed
65 AB-1564 Consumer privacy: consumer request for disclosure methods. Berman Assembly - Passed
66 AB-1578 School Pavement to Parks Grant Program. Luz Rivas Assembly - Passed
67 AB-1677 Call centers: protections. Weber Assembly - Passed
68 AB-1730 Regional transportation plans: San Diego Association of Governments: housing. Gonzalez Assembly - Passed
69 AB-603 Firearms: retired peace officers. Melendez Vetoed
70 AB-1221 Children’s advocacy centers. Cooley Vetoed
71 AB-295 Insurance: underwritten title companies. Daly Vetoed
72 AB-74 Budget Act of 2019. Ting Chaptered
73 AB-162 Communications: universal service programs: Public Utilities Commission reimbursement fees. Kiley Assembly - Failed
74 AB-628 Employment: victims of sexual harassment: protections. Bonta Assembly - Failed
75 ACA-1 Local government financing: affordable housing and public infrastructure: voter approval. Aguiar-Curry Assembly - Failed
76 AB-1468 Opioid Prevention and Rehabilitation Act. McCarty Assembly - Third Reading
77 AB-1606 University of California: school of medicine: San Joaquin Valley Regional Campus Medical Education Endowment Fund. Gray Assembly - Third Reading
78 AB-764 Sugar-sweetened beverages: nonsale distribution incentives. Bonta Assembly - Third Reading
79 AB-1506 Charter schools: statewide total: authorization restrictions. McCarty Assembly - Third Reading
80 AB-217 Income taxation: credits: exclusions: federal conformity. Burke Assembly - Second Reading
81 SB-60 Jury duty: fees. Atkins Assembly - Inactive
82 SB-754 Common interest developments: board members: election by acclamation. Moorlach Senate - Passed
83 SB-110 Budget Act of 2019. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Assembly - Budget
84 SB-111 Wildfire agencies: public utilities: safety and insurance. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Assembly - Budget
85 SB-323 Common interest developments: elections. Wieckowski Senate - Passed
86 SCR-31 The Willie L. Brown, Jr. Circle and Plaza. Bradford Assembly - Third Reading
87 SB-222 Discrimination: veteran or military status. Hill Senate - Passed
88 SB-235 Planning and zoning: housing production report: regional housing need allocation. Dodd Senate - Unfinished Business
89 SB-24 Public health: public university student health centers: abortion by medication techniques. Leyva Senate - Passed
90 SB-302 International trade and investment office: Republic of Armenia. Portantino Assembly - Inactive
91 SB-328 Pupil attendance: school start time. Portantino Assembly - Passed
92 SB-524 Energy efficiency programs: workforce requirements. Stern Assembly - Inactive
93 SB-588 Public contracts: Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program. Archuleta Assembly - Inactive
94 SB-668 Fire hydrants: water suppliers: regulations. Rubio Assembly - Inactive
95 SB-7 Surplus nonresidential property and State Highway Route 710. Portantino Senate - Passed
96 SB-13 Accessory dwelling units. Wieckowski Senate - Passed
97 SB-29 Medi-Cal: eligibility. Durazo Assembly - Third Reading
98 SB-58 Alcoholic beverages: hours of sale. Wiener Assembly - Third Reading
99 SB-61 Firearms: transfers. Portantino Senate - Passed
100 SB-132 Corrections. Wiener Assembly - Inactive
101 SB-136 Sentencing. Wiener Senate - Passed
102 SB-218 Employment: discrimination enforcement: local government. Bradford Senate - Passed
103 SB-442 State parks: resource exploitation exceptions: commercialization of investigation results. Dodd Senate - Passed
104 SB-581 Cannabis: licensing: public records. Caballero Assembly - Inactive
105 SB-595 Cannabis: state licensing fee waivers: needs-based applicants and licensees: local equity applicants and licensees. Bradford Senate - Passed
106 SB-606 Professions and vocations. Glazer Senate - Passed
107 ACR-125 Bias and discrimination in hiring reduction through new technology. Jones-Sawyer Assembly - Passed
108 ACR-107 CHP Sergeant Steven L. Licon Memorial Highway. Melendez Assembly - Passed
109 ACR-112 Chiura Obata Great Nature Memorial Highway. Bigelow Assembly - Passed
110 ACR-119 Officer Justin Kepler Memorial Highway. Flora Assembly - Passed
111 ACR-120 The CHP Officer Andrew J. Camilleri Memorial Interchange. Quirk Assembly - Passed
112 ACR-124 State Route 269: Heart of the Valley Bridge. Arambula Assembly - Passed
113 ACR-127 Officer Robert W. Winget Memorial Overpass. Flora Assembly - Passed
114 ACR-128 Corporal Ronil Singh Memorial Highway. Gray Assembly - Passed
115 SCR-46 Officer Pepe Petersen Memorial Highway. Galgiani Assembly - Passed
116 SCR-56 Annette Brooks Memorial Bridge. McGuire Assembly - Passed
A- 1 AB-1060 Attorneys: annual license fees: free legal services. Gray Assembly - Inactive
A- 2 AB-1196 Community schools: California Community Schools Act. Gipson Assembly - Inactive
A- 3 AB-755 California tire fee: Stormwater Permit Compliance Fund. Holden Assembly - Inactive
A- 4 AB-221 Teachers: third-party contracts: prohibitions. Cristina Garcia Assembly - Inactive
A- 5 AB-1697 Housing: tenancy termination: just cause. Grayson Assembly - Inactive
A- 6 AB-1091 Child support: suspension. Jones-Sawyer Assembly - Inactive
A- 7 AB-555 Paid sick leave. Gonzalez Assembly - Inactive
A- 8 AB-626 Conflicts of interest. Quirk-Silva Assembly - Inactive
A- 9 AB-1356 Cannabis: local jurisdictions: retail commercial cannabis activity. Ting Assembly - Inactive
A- 10 AB-1481 Tenancy termination: just cause. Grayson Assembly - Inactive
A- 11 SB-405 Solid waste: reclaimed asphalt pavement: pilot project: the County of Los Angeles. Archuleta Assembly - Inactive
A- 12 SB-479 Tenancy: automatic renewal or extension of lease. Atkins Assembly - Inactive
A- 13 SB-680 Names. Wieckowski Assembly - Inactive
A- 14 SB-625 Party buses: cannabis. Hill Assembly - Inactive
A- 15 SB-179 Excluded employees: arbitration. Nielsen Assembly - Inactive
A- 16 SB-548 Electricity: transmission facilities: inspection. Hill Assembly - Inactive
A- 17 SB-220 Firearms dealers: storage and security. Hill Assembly - Inactive
A- 18 SB-51 Financial institutions: cannabis. Hertzberg Assembly - Inactive
A- 19 SB-392 Hazardous materials: green chemistry: consumer products. Allen Assembly - Inactive
A- 20 SB-356 Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District. McGuire Assembly - Inactive
A- 21 SB-66 Medi-Cal: federally qualified health center and rural health clinic services. Atkins Assembly - Inactive
A- 22 SB-68 Hazardous waste: treated wood waste. Galgiani Assembly - Inactive