Assembly Floor Session Bills - 02/14/2020

Bills Returned: 28
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 ACA-1 Local government financing: affordable housing and public infrastructure: voter approval. Aguiar-Curry Assembly - Failed
2 SB-58 Alcoholic beverages: hours of sale. Wiener Assembly - Third Reading
3 AB-1138 Social media: the Parent’s Accountability and Child Protection Act. Gallagher Enrolled
4 HR-77   Muratsuchi Assembly - Passed
5 SB-29 Medi-Cal: eligibility. Durazo Assembly - Inactive
6 ACR-153 Engineers Week. Luz Rivas Chaptered
7 SCR-79 California Girls and Women in Sports Day. Galgiani Chaptered
A- 1 SB-405 Solid waste: reclaimed asphalt pavement: pilot project: the County of Los Angeles. Archuleta Assembly - Inactive
A- 2 SB-479 State highways: relinquishment: Routes 75 and 282. Atkins Senate - Inactive
A- 3 SB-680 Names. Wieckowski Assembly - Inactive
A- 4 SB-625 Central Basin Municipal Water District: receivership. Bradford Senate - Rules
A- 5 SB-179 Excluded employees: arbitration. Nielsen Enrolled
A- 6 SB-548 Electricity: transmission facilities: inspection. Hill Assembly - Inactive
A- 7 SB-220 Firearms dealers: storage and security. Hill Assembly - Inactive
A- 8 SB-51 California Competes tax credit: refunds. Durazo Assembly - Second Reading
A- 9 SB-392 Hazardous materials: green chemistry: consumer products. Allen Assembly - Inactive
A- 10 SB-356 Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District. McGuire Assembly - Inactive
A- 11 SB-66 Medi-Cal: federally qualified health center and rural health clinic services. Atkins Assembly - Inactive
A- 12 SB-68 Hazardous waste: treated wood waste. Galgiani Enrolled
A- 13 SB-60 Jury duty: fees. Atkins Assembly - Inactive
A- 14 SB-302 International trade and investment office: Republic of Armenia. Portantino Assembly - Inactive
A- 15 SB-132 Corrections. Wiener Enrolled
A- 16 SB-581 Cannabis: licensing: public records. Caballero Assembly - Inactive
A- 17 SB-668 Fire hydrants: water suppliers: regulations. Rubio Assembly - Third Reading
A- 18 SB-524 Energy efficiency programs: workforce requirements. Stern Assembly - Inactive
A- 19 SB-749 California Public Records Act: trade secrets. Durazo Assembly - Third Reading
A- 20 SB-588 Public contracts: Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program. Archuleta Chaptered
A- 21 SB-54 Solid waste: packaging and products. Allen Assembly - Failed