Asm. Check-in Session Bills - 02/13/2018

Bills Returned: 46
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 AB-1407 California New Motor Voter Program: voter registration. McCarty Chaptered
2 SB-16 Wage garnishment restrictions: exempt earnings: student loans. Wieckowski Assembly - Third Reading
3 ACA-10 Elections: voter qualifications. Low Assembly - Failed
4 SB-328 Pupil attendance: school start time. Portantino Assembly - Third Reading
5 SB-298 Enforcement of money judgments: exemptions. Wieckowski Assembly - Third Reading
6 ACR-164 Career Technical Education Month. Cunningham Chaptered
7 HR-75   Holden Assembly - Passed
8 ACR-170 California Ports Day. O'Donnell Chaptered
9 ACR-171 National Caregivers Day. Eggman Chaptered
10 HR-77   Quirk-Silva Assembly - Passed
11 SB-606 Water management planning. Hertzberg Chaptered
12 SCR-93 California Girls and Women in Sports Week. Skinner Chaptered
A- 1 SB-642 Civil actions: renewal of judgments. Wieckowski Assembly - Inactive
A- 2 SB-381 Victims of crime: indemnification: applications. De León Assembly - Inactive
A- 3 SB-134 Regional center contracts. Hernandez Assembly - Human Services
A- 4 SB-152 Medi-Cal. Hernandez Assembly - Inactive
A- 5 SB-165 Horse racing: national thoroughbred racing marketing program. Portantino Assembly - Third Reading
A- 6 SB-261 Insurance: reports: electronic submission. Monning Assembly - Inactive
A- 7 ACR-99 Native Sons of the Golden West. Bigelow Assembly - Inactive
A- 8 SB-675 Electronic benefits transfer system. Skinner Assembly - Inactive
A- 9 SB-24 Political Reform Act of 1974: economic interest disclosure. Portantino Assembly - Inactive
A- 10 SB-437 Health care coverage: joint senior level working group. Atkins Assembly - Inactive
A- 11 SB-377 Lead-based paint. Monning Assembly - Inactive
A- 12 AB-183 Bill of Rights for State Excluded Employees. Lackey Assembly - Unfinished Business
A- 13 SB-473 California Endangered Species Act. Hertzberg Assembly - Third Reading
A- 14 SB-790 Health care providers: gifts and benefits. McGuire Assembly - Third Reading
A- 15 SB-632 Civil discovery: depositions. Monning Assembly - Inactive
A- 16 SB-579 Collectibles: sale of autographed collectibles. Galgiani Assembly - Inactive
A- 17 SB-76 Vehicles: driver’s licenses and foreign vehicle registrations expiring in 2018. Bates Assembly - Transportation
A- 18 SB-465 Oil and gas conservation. Jackson Assembly - Inactive
A- 19 SB-349 Chronic dialysis clinics: staffing requirements. Lara Assembly - Inactive
A- 20 SB-573 Student financial aid: student service programs. Lara Assembly - Third Reading
A- 21 SB-273 Marriage and domestic partnership: minors. Hill Assembly - Third Reading
A- 22 SB-646 State Civil Service Act: adverse action: notice. Galgiani Assembly - Inactive
A- 23 SB-651 Initiative, referendum, and recall petitions: disclosures. Allen Assembly - Inactive
A- 24 SB-288 Health coverage: small employers. Hernandez Assembly - Inactive
A- 25 SB-771 California Environmental Quality Act: continuing education: public employees. De León Assembly - Inactive
A- 26 SB-607 Pupil discipline: suspensions and expulsions: willful defiance. Skinner Assembly - Third Reading
A- 27 SB-715 Department of Consumer Affairs: regulatory boards: removal of board members. Newman Assembly - Inactive
A- 28 SB-244 Privacy: agencies: personal information. Lara Assembly - Inactive
A- 29 SB-548 Public Employment Relations Board: petitions: expedited resolution. Atkins Assembly - Inactive
A- 30 SB-774 Research program: firefighting: wildland and wildland-urban interface. Leyva Assembly - Higher Education
A- 31 SCR-57 Memorial highways. Cannella Chaptered
A- 32 SB-772 Occupational safety and health: regulations. Leyva Assembly - Inactive
A- 33 SB-277 Land use: zoning regulations. Bradford Assembly - Inactive
A- 34 SJR-13 White nationalist and neo-Nazi groups: prosecution. Skinner Assembly - Inactive